World Book Day in 3rd Class!

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On Thursday 3rd March we celebrated World Book Day by taking part in lots of fun activities. As well as having time to chat about some of our favourite authors and books, we tuned into a World Book Day event online where we heard from authors such as Simon Farnaby (from ‘Stupid Deaths’ in Horrible Histories), Michael Morpurgo (who wrote a recent book we read, The Butterfly Lion) and many more. We also took part in a huge human sized Where’s Wally all around the school grounds! Wally was hiding somewhere very tricky to find, but we got him in the end! We also spent some time making monster bookmarks which we can use when we’re reading now, we started creating some book trailers for our favourite books using iMovie, and for homework we did some Extreme Reading! Check out the photos and video below. You’ll even spot our very own Little Red Riding Hood who paid us a visit for the day. We hope you enjoyed World Book Day as much as we did in 3rd Class!

World Book Day

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Today, Thursday 3rd March is World Book Day! We will be celebrating all things books today. For homework, have a go at some Extreme Reading! To take part in Extreme Reading, you will need to choose your favourite book, or whatever DEAR book you’re reading right now and find the most extreme or unusual place to read it. Can you think of more than one place? Take some photos and email them to Ms. Stirling please! Here are some ideas for inspiration 🙂

Pancake Tuesday!

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Today was Pancake Tuesday and we spent some time taking part in seriously pancakey activities to celebrate! We started off with learning some key vocabulary for all things Pancakey as Gaeilge. We then revised some data in maths by gathering information about our favourite pancake toppings and representing these on a horizontal bar chart. Later on, we did some procedural writing based on how to make pancakes with lemon juice and sugar. All of these pancakey activities were making us very hungry and we were really craving some pancakes! We thought we should test out our procedures to make sure they were accurate. Luckily our procedural writing was excellent and we made some really delicious pancakes! Check out the photo gallery below:

Poetry Podcasts

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Hi again everyone! During the month of January, we read, discussed and studied three winter poems. These poems were Jack Frost in the Garden by John P. Smeeton, Cobweb Morning by June Crebbin and Bob’s Sled by Kenn Nesbitt. Each poem was very different in style and structure. After we had learned about these poems, we broke up into groups and started to plan a poetry podcast about our chosen poem. Over the last few weeks we have started to use the app Garage Band and we thought this would be the perfect way to record our podcasts. We had time to experiment with different types of audio recording as well as using Live Loops to create intro and outro music. Once we were familiar with the app, it was time to record our podcasts! Have a listen to them here – you will hear us reading the poems, discussing the structure, imagery and personification, talking about whether or not we liked the poems, and the intro and outro music we composed.

Listen to the ‘The Waffle Cone Podcast’ to hear more about the poem Jack Frost in the Garden.

Listen to ‘The Poems and Poems Show’ to hear more about the poem Cobweb Morning.

Listen to ‘The Poem Pros Podcast’ to hear more about the poem Bob’s Sled.

Listen to ‘The JCSO Podcast’ to hear more about the poem Jack Frost in the Garden.

Listen to ‘The KIBC Podcast’ to hear more about the poem Cobweb Morning.

Listen to ‘The Pow Podcast’ to hear more about the poem Bob’s Sled.

Listen to ‘The CCSR Podcast’ to hear more about the poem Jack Frost in the Garden.

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Vicious Vikings

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Over the last month in school we have been working really hard on the theme of The Vikings. We have learned a huge amount about these fearsome warriors including where they came from, why they travelled to Ireland, what they wore, ate and traded, what life was like for Viking children, about Viking Dublin and Wood Quay and lots, lots more.

We worked incredibly hard on Viking inspired art including a huge Viking longship with all our names written in Viking runes (Viking writing), and some of our favourite facts written on the sail. We also created papier maché Viking helmets (which was very, very messy but fun) and some Viking shields. We have displayed out helmet with our own fearsome Viking names. We learned about the Geography of Denmark (one of the Scandinavian countries the Vikings came from) too. Some of our most impressive work was done in our English time – we learned how to note-take using bullet points and then used our notes to write amazing information reports about the Vikings. Once we had drafted and edited them, we published them on swords! Check out our incredible work in the photos below. We’re sure you’ll be VERY impressed! We’re certainly very proud of all our Viking achievements and have got SO many compliments from a lot of people in school!

Cooperative Games

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Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve been working on our teamwork skills by playing some cooperative games in groups! We have worked together to play Gutter Ball, Across the Divide, Bench Order and Tennis Stacker. We’ve had some serious laughs and lots of fun. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we work together! Check out the photos below of all the fun we’ve had: