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We have been really enjoying our work on Data in maths since coming back to school after mid-term! We learned that ‘data’ is just a fancy word for ‘information’. We learned lots of new words as well as about the process of collecting data using a survey and tally marks, representing data on a pictogram, block graph or bar chart, and finally interpreting data from these graphs and charts. We also learned about the x axis and y axis. Some teachers even thought they’d just walked into a 6th Class classroom when they heard us sharing our knowledge! Take a look at our group data projects. Next we will be coming up with some tricky questions about our graphs to test each other!

A part of our lessons, we used this song to help us remember how tally marks are used:

Check out our fantastic data projects below:

Ar Scoil

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Anois, táimid ag obair ar an téama ‘Ar Scoil’. Táimid ag foghlaim faoi na rudaí le feiceáil timpeall na háite ar scoil agus na rudaí atá againn inár málaí scoile. Féach ar na físeáin seo chun cabhrú lena focail agus frásaí nua!

Now we are working on the theme of ‘At School’. We are learning about the things we can see around the place in school and the things we have in our school bags. Look at these videos to help with the new words and phrases!

Ar mhaith leat cás pinn luaidhe a dhéanamh? Féach an an bhfíseán seo!

Would you like to make your own pencil case? Watch this video!

Bah Humbug!

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By now we’re sure you’ve heard that it’s school concert season! We are SO excited to be brushing off our acting skills and working on our production of Bah Humbug.

As part of our homework, we will have lots of learning to do, starting with the songs! Here are the songs we are learning. Our lyrics are in our homework folders.

Song 1: Christmas Eve

Song 2: Bah Humbug

Song 3: He Was Jacob Marley

Song 4: Fezziwig’s Shindig

Song 5: Glad To Be A Chimney Sweep

Song 6: A Toast

Song 7: Dead and Gone

Song 8: Sleep Tiny Tim

Song 9: Greetings of the Season

Happy Halloween!

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The last little while in school has been ALL about Halloween! We have had a blast taking part in lots of different Halloween activities. Take a look through this post to see what we got up to!

Check out our Door:

We spent some time making little 3D spiders from paper. We added them to our spider’s web on our classroom door. Welcome to our Web!

Spooky Scary Skeletons:

We started off by learning all about our skeletons. We learned that our skeleton does three very important jobs for us… support, protection and movement. We also learned some of the different scientific names for our bones. We had a giggle at some of the words because they sounded so strange (phalanges!!) and learned how scientists would sing ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes’… it was a bit of a tongue twister. Check out our amazing skeleton art below. We love how every skeleton is so different and each one has their own personality!

Procedural Writing:

Next, we took part in a paired activity to revise the genre of procedural writing. We remembered all about how procedures are a list of instructions, like a recipe, assembly instructions, or rules of a game. We had to be creative during this task and designed a potion that could turn our teacher into a toad! Ms. Stirling is going to have to be very careful about drinking her coffee from now on… there could be some secret potion in it! Here’s a selection of our work:

Oíche Shamhna:

In Gaeilge, we were working on the theme of Oíche Shamhna and we focused very well on learning lots of vocabulary! We really enjoyed our Gaeilge work about Oíche Shamhna because we got to talk a lot about dressing up, trick or treating and sweets! We learned a poem called Oíche Shamhna. Here we are performing it for you:

After that, we used lots of our new vocabulary to write some poems of our own! Here are a few examples of our work. We’re sure you’ll agree they’re amazing!

We also spent some time speaking about our favourite things about Halloween! Check out our físeán below:

Halloween Goodies:

We were very excited on Thursday to learn that our art lesson would be a little different! We were going to be making EDIBLE ART! Led by 4 members of our class, we made some chocolate rice krispie buns and then let our imaginations run wild as we decorated them for Halloween. They tasted amazing! Check out our photos here:

Spooky Sports:

To celebrate Halloween we also took part in some Halloween themed PE games. We had so much fun playing Giants, Witches and Goblins, Zombie Tag and Witches Cauldron! We were exhausted after all the running round. If you look closely at our photos below, you might spot some witches flying round on their broomsticks trying to catch some children stealing sweets from the forest!

Mad Hair Day:

Possibly the most fun Halloween event of them all… Mad Hair Day. We were amazed by all the creative hairstyles in school on Friday! Everyone looked fantastic! Our sponsored walk was great fun too and we enjoyed some biscuits and juice afterwards. Check out our gallery below!

Have a very Happy Halloween everyone!

Maths Week!

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The second last week of term was Maths Week and we spent some time doing maths with a difference! We completed some different puzzles, played maths board games in groups and experimented with tangrams.

We were wondering if you can figure out these puzzles…

1.How many triangles can you see in this image?

How Many Triangles Do You See? Learn the Answer | Reader's ...
2. Which of these numbers is the odd one out and why?

Check out our photos below to see some of our tangrams…


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We’ve been brushing up on our basketball skills! We have been practising our dribbling skills while standing and moving to make sure we can keep good control of the ball. We have also practised our passing skills. We had to create a T shape with our thumbs and follow through when we pass the ball. This helped us pass accurately and quickly.

iPads in 3rd Class

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Over the last few weeks we have been using our iPads every Wednesday and have been very busy during our sessions!

We have been getting familiar with the online learning platform ‘Google Classroom’ and have learned how to login to our online classroom, read announcements from Ms. Stirling, comment on announcements and follow links to other websites.

We have also used the app ‘Kahoot!’ to complete quizzes based on our learning throughout the week. These were great fun – we had to be very quick thinkers during these quizzes so as not to run out of time!

Most recently, we have been working with iMotion. This is a stop motion animation app and are learning about how we can create short films using photographs of everyday objects. It has been lots of fun and we’re looking forward to working on our next iMotion stop motion animation film.